Embrace Body Love: Love Who You Are. Love What You Wear.

What does it mean to Embrace Body Love?

Society tells us to love ourselves, but only in a very specific way. And only if we fit their expectations. 

Our health is what really matters, but only if we're overweight. 
Thinness is outwardly celebrated and praised, often disregarding the way by which it was attained. 

Be confident, but not self-involved.
Embrace natural beauty, and be modest.
But only if you're perfect. Otherwise, you need to care more about your appearance. 
For God's sake, put in some effort!

Are you beautiful? Perfect. Exactly what they want. 
But my goodness, don't EVER acknowledge that out loud. Be HUMBLE. That's what's important. 

Stand out. But only enough so that you actually fit in. 
Follow the trends, but only if they're "flattering."
Oh, didn't you hear? Flattering is just code for "appearing smallest"
"No, I'm sorry. we will not provide any sizing consistency so you know what size you are."

Dress for your age.
No, not like that. 

Dress for your body type.
No, not like that. 

"Real women have CURVES" (false. Real women have whatever they have)
"I wish I could wear a bikini, I could never" (All bodies are bikini bodies if you want them to be)
"Stop glorifying obesity!! We care about your HEALTH" (Stop it. Stop it. thinness does not equal health. And more importantly? Health is not indicative of worth)
"She's so lucky, she can wear whatever she wants..." (Everyone should wear what they want. People of all sizes and genders struggle with their sense of self. Someone's size does not indicate their confidence, and it certainly doesn't indicate their worth.)

Your body deserves love. 
Full Stop. 

To Embrace Body Love is to start there.
To stop that narrative we've been fed our whole lives. 
Embracing the notion that your body- ALL BODIES- deserve love. Whatever the shape, size, colour, abilities, health...

Bodies deserve love. 

Easier said than done, I know.
Capitalism has made sure of that. Capitalism relies on your self-hatred. On your constant desire to fit their expectations. 

But who benefits from Body Love?


You benefit.
That's what it's all about, right? It's your body. 
You're the only one who can truly experience it. You're the one guiding it, living it. 
It's your life, and it should bring you joy. 

Imagine a world where you woke up and felt good about yourself. 
A world where you look at yourself in the mirror and smile before going about your day.
A world where you look at your stretch marks, or your back rolls, or your bony knees, or your arms, or ANY part of you, and you just.... carry on. 
You don't shy away from looking at yourself. You don't try to camouflage certain parts. You don't make negative comments (internally or out loud).

You just exist. 

When we are loved, it changes us. Being loved gives us security, safety. It shows us compassion. It permeates our soul, and we glow. 

Your body deserves that. 

When you learn to give yourself and your body the love you deserve, everything gets brighter. 

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey of body love. 

Maybe the thought of loving your body feels too scary right now. That's ok. Just embracing the notion that bodies deserve love is a big step, and an important one. 
Body neutrality is a great first step. This body exists. And that's that. 

Maybe you're getting ready to wear something bold, but you're nervous. 
That's ok. Take your time. Ease into if you need. Or just take the leap. Both are great!

Maybe you love your body so goddamn much you want to shout it from the rooftops. 

I created this collection after I was inspired by my own journey of body-love. A journey that started with me creating colourful, flowy portraits of nude bodies that would force me to look at myself in a different light. To view my own body as art, and not the burden I saw in the mirror. 

The designs on this collection are taken from one of those portraits. a nude bum, in all its glory.

Some items in the collection, the design appears strictly abstract. 
But you'll know that it's a direct celebration of bodies. 

Some of them, it's a little more direct, and it may inspire people to question it. And you can keep that secret to yourself, or you can share that- yes. That is in fact an image of a bum on your jacket. 

Your journey is yours, and yours alone. 

And I am here to remind you that wherever you are, whoever you are- you and your body deserve love. 

Love for yourself will change your life. 


Love who you are. Love what you wear. 

xox Shannon