Sizing charts

All of our garments are made to order and are therefore final sale (with the exception of damages). 

Make sure you check your measurements against the garment measurements to ensure the proper size purchase.

Garment Sizing charts will be included with the images of every product. 

Tired of gendered sizing? 
I hear you!

Here at Pink Banana Sparkles, we understand that we can't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, especially in terms of gendered sizing while using a third party manufacturer. 
I have tried to ensure that the items listed are mainly genderless. 
If certain items are generally marketed/manufactured towards specific genders, I have tried to indicate that they are either a masc, or femme fit, rather than a garment "for women" etc. 

I am open to suggestions and criticism with this, as this is something I am navigating for the first time, and I want the sizes and fit to be clearly indicated, while maintaining the inclusion that I strive for. 

Happy Shopping!