Who Is Anxious Shark?

We are all Anxious Shark. 

And in a world filled with equal parts cynicism and fake optimism, sometimes all we really need is someone who GETS US. 

And that someone- is Anxious Shark. With his oh-too-relatable anxious expression, and his soft squishable body, he's the perfect companion no matter what kind of comfort you need. 

Or maybe you just like cute sharks- and he's perfect for that too!

Everybody gets anxious. Sometime, somewhere, some thing- anxiety is a feeling that we all know. 

So how does an Anxious Shark help?

I'm glad you asked. 

When you're in the thick of it- trying to manage whatever endless mountains of stress life keeps throwing your way- the last thing you need is someone telling you to perk up and smile. You don't need to hear yet another variation of "look on the bright side!" when you feel like you're drowning in responsibilities, stress and anxieties. As a card-carrying optimist myself, I'll be the first one to promote the importance of being raw, open and honest about our struggles and hardships in order to move forward.

I think something we can all agree on, is that most of the time- We just want to feel seen. Heard. Understood. 

And that's where Anxious Shark comes in. 

"But isn't that just a plushie? How is that supposed to improve my life?"

I suppose by definition- yes, he is a plushie. But he's a plushie who actually gets you. He's a plushie you can look at and feel seen, unlike the rest of the other cute, yet too-unbothered smiling plushies you're used to. He's a plushie that has the perfect body to squish when you need it, and face that just screams "Life is hard, I get it. Let's do it together anyway."

Just look at that face- How can a face so cute represent something that needs to hidden, or ashamed of? 

Your anxieties don't have to stop you from doing the things you need-and want- to do, and Anxious Shark is there to remind you of that. 

How Can I Get One?

The Anxious Shark Plush will be available via kickstarter next week (Week of May 13 2024)
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