Sustainable Practices | Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility | Pink Banana Sparkles

At Pink Banana Sparkles, we believe in creating beautiful and meaningful products that are not only stylish but also ethical and sustainable. That's why we partner with Printful, a manufacturing company that shares our values and commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

On- Demand Manufacturing

By using on-demand manufacturing, we can ensure there is no over-production or wasted inventory. 

80% of our items are fulfilled and shipped locally using our warehouses across the world, which reduces our CO2 footprint when transporting orders. 

Sustainable Material

We strengthened our eco-friendly product collection by increasing the minimum sustainable material content threshold from 30% to 70%.

Now our eco-friendly product collection consists of items made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or such material blends.

Currently, that includes organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and organic cotton/recycled polyester fabric blends.

The eco-friendly items will be labelled as such, so you can rest easy knowing what you're purchasing. 

Eco-Friendly Certification Requirements

We also revised certification requirements for our eco-friendly product collection. As proof of the product’s organic composition, we now only accept either GOTS or OCS certificates, and for recycled composition, either GRS or RCS certificates.

Abbreviation Full certificate name What is it?
GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS is a leading textile processing standard for organic fibers that includes ecological and social criteria.
OCS Organic Content Standard OCS is a certification for non-food goods that confirms the organic material presence in the final product.
GRS Global Recycled Standard Both GRS and RCS set requirements for recycled content and verify the supply chain. The GRS includes additional criteria for social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions.
RCS Recycled Claim Standard

Source: Printful

Continuing To Reduce Fabric Waste

We continued improving our all-over-print product layouts, resulting in a fabric waste decrease of 2.5 percentage points compared to 2021.

At Printful, we make our all-over-print products from scratch, printing product parts on rolls of fabric, cutting them out, and then sewing them together. Gaps between product cutouts result in fabric scraps that we are successfully reducing year after year.

We were also able to recycle or upcycle 787,524 lb. (357,215 kg) of damaged products and unclaimed product returns. But not everything goes straight to the recycling bin—whenever possible, we donate products that are in good condition. This year, most product donations were given to Ukrainian refugees.

Our Commitment Moving Forward

 As we strive to enhance our internal operations, we recognize that our impact extends beyond the walls of our organization. Our commitment to sustainability includes mapping our supply chain, refining our sourcing procedures, and gathering vital ethical information from our suppliers.

To achieve this goal, we have established a partnership with Sedex, a leading ethical trade service provider worldwide. Their platform equips members with practical tools to advance working conditions in global supply chains.

At present, we are actively onboarding our suppliers and ensuring their registration on the Sedex platform, a crucial step towards our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Source: Printful


By partnering with Printful, we can ensure that our products are not only beautiful but also ethical and sustainable. We're proud to work with a company that is making a positive impact on the environment and the people who make our products.